About Us

Since 2004….
Coinage Exim Pvt. Ltd. came into existence to focus on providing Engineering solutions to the international community. Our products have satisfied customers in India as well as abroad.

As the company is having multiple business verticals and foreign collaborations in 2010 we restructured all our engineering activities under one brand umbrella “Dofort”

We are providing valuable contribution in the field of Engineering Space Management. With proper understanding of our customer’s requirement we design unique solutions for them. Our tailor made services enables both our company and our customers to jointly produce high standards of excellence. We believe in assisting and partnering with our clients wherever they require us to come in.

Our Values


Reputation is our “Identity” and we are very cautious about our Good Self-image. Crafting a positive reputation is harder to build than to destroy.  A good reputation provides us a target at which to keep aiming and this inspires our internal and external values. We are building a good reputation by investing in effort, patience, and time. Rather than telling, we want others to discover platitudes of hard work, attention to detail, loyalty, and drive in us.


“Magic occurs outside comfort zone”. We are ready to take new challenges. In our growth strategy, we want to be differentiating, by doing a little unconventional and innovative and above and beyond what’s expected.


We always look to be system and process oriented for a solution. We use a system solution rather than a people solution. We follow the system exactly until a new system is introduced.

Our Working Culture

DoFort Impulsion

We focus on the products and solutions for Work space utilization and efficient material handling inside the manufacturing plants or warehouses.


Engineering your workspace

To Solve

Problems in material handling

To Ease

Working & Handling

To Save 

Space / Time / Money / Efforts

 To Utilize 

Space / Manpower

To Innovate

New techniques in Storage and Handling  

To Have Prosperous Relation

Built Together / Grow together

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